En Garde Fencing


For hundreds of years, fencing has captured the imagination of generation after generation of young people and adults alike. Who hasn't imagined themselves with sword in hand, fending off hordes of enemies with a quick and daring blade?

At En Garde Fencing, we believe in bringing that sense of adventure to the modern sport of fencing. The finest traditions of discipline, respect, and honor are melded with the fast-paced athletic sport of today to create a fun and dynamic, yet structured program.

What is fencing?

Modern fencing is a sport with roots that stretch back to medieval times. Ever since people could form metal into tools, the sword has had a place in human history. Today fencing has ceased to be a study of self-defense, and instead has changed with the times to become the fun and fast-paced sport of the present.

There are three weapons used in the modern sport of fencing, the Foil, Épée and Saber. At En Garde Fencing we train students in the use of all three weapons, but everyone starts by learning the foil first. Each of the weapons has different rules of use, but learning the foil first leaves a student well prepared to choose the weapon that fits them best.

Why fencing?

Today we fence for the same reason that people play basketball or soccer, or any other sport. Fencing is fun, it's great exercise, and everyone likes to meet people who share a love of the same hobby they do. Fencing is as much a mental as it is a physical discipline. A good fencer trains their body and mind to be focused, fast and efficient. Every movement is at once powerful and economical, decisive and unbelievably swift. Fencing is a sport with a beauty and grace all its own, and you'll never have more fun than with a sword in your hand.

Is fencing safe?

Fencing is very safe. We take care to follow the rules of the sport carefully, and respect the weapon. We always wear safety gear and never play around when people without protection are nearby. Because we are protected so well with safety gear, and because we take great care to follow the rules of the sport, fencing has one of the lowest rates of injury of any sport. If you do it right, fencing is not supposed to hurt.

Most of all, fencing is fun! At En Garde Fencing we believe that everyone should have a chance to find their passion in life. Our passion is fencing, we hope yours will be too.